Return of a Legend

Much is gone, but much remains.

We are not what young we were when we strove to remake the culinary landscape. Yet great events and great cooking may yet be wrung from the unforgiving business climate, if taste and nerve fail us not.

I am returning to our core mission, the advancement of culinary consciousness, under the India Joze banner that became associated with our special explorations in culinary anthropology.

We are a small cafe now, but our kitchen is set for massive output in catering, to-go, and festival business. Come watch our culinary commandoes at work.

Benefits for local non-profits like Media Watch, the 418 Project, the Homeless Garden Project and the Santa Cruz Chorale are very much an on-going India Joze presence, which I hope to expand with many more worthy causes.

I teach regularly at the New Leaf Community Kitchen and the University of California, Santa Cruz. I look forward to teaching at our new location, offering the equipment, ingredients, sauces and know-how for you all to join in the rush of wokkery.

I very much appreciate the loyal support of so many customers for so very long.
I miss you all and invite you to e-mail me so when I get more organized,
I can keep you up to date on my current projects, or check

His Imperial Jozeness