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Confirmation will be sent by email unless you specify otherwise in the comment section below. ? Questions ?   Please call us at 831-332-0255 or send email to His Jozeness.

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Special Events:

Choose all that apply.
Now Rooz 2011 Dinner March 27, 2010 4PM-8PM One Seating $45 before 3/25, $55 after 3/25 JozBuxers $36/44
Flower Festival MayDay $45 before before date, $55 day of. JozBuxers $36/44
Chickpea Festival June 26 $45 JozBuxers $36
Calamari Festival This Year's Date Not Set Yet, Probably in August TBA

Joze Bux:

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$1200 Joze Bux 20% discount on everything with minimum $1000 Joze Bux balance $1000
$550 Joze Bux $500


Choose all that apply.
Medium Cast Iron Wok Stove $110
India Joze Chickpea Cookbook $10
India Joze Mushroom Cookbook $18

  *** Please print a copy for your records ***